Byte Magazine was a project that was founded and run by myself for two and a half years. Originally an email newsletter focusing on Brisbane’s game developers, it was rebranded and evolved into a monthly magazine covering all Australian-made games and upcoming gaming events.

Byte was a way to combine my graphic design skills with the greatest passion in my life which is video games. It was printed and distributed around the country thanks to the backing of local businesses and sponsorships that were established along the way, and it became something the local community could be proud of.

Getting to know many of Australia’s local developers has been a joyful and eye-opening experience. When best guesses for the local game dev industry estimate around 1000 or so people being involved, there’s a reason why everyone is so supportive and knowledgable about each other.

I read it every month, locally sourced, entertaining, well written and laid out. Always interesting. You did a wonderful job mate.
— Matthew Ota, Crystal Pug
You’ve done an amazing job along the way, and you should be proud of the material you’ve put out. Been a pleasure to have you so engaged with the local scene.
— Morgan Jaffit, Defiant Development